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Share Bicycles in China

I’ve been riding bikes in Shanghai and Beijing, on my MGB Silk Road trip across Asia. On my first visits to China there were lots of bicycles. Over the years the numbers went down and down, part fashion (people wanted cars) and part government policy (cars were tomorrow, bicycles were history).

Why you shouldn’t wait 15 months after your trip to make a complaint

How long is too long to wait to register a complaint about the way you were treated? Writer Mason Cooley said, “Procrastination makes easy things hard and hard things harder.” This case is an example of how procrastination can make resolving a travel complaint not just harder but perhaps even…

Slimy new car rental tricks you need to know now

Does anyone not have a car rental horror story like Dave Dzurick’s? When Dzurick, a project manager from Tucson, Ariz., rented a car from Hertz in Milwaukee recently, a representative asked him if he wanted an upgrade. No mention of the cost.

Why is my delayed baggage only worth $350?

Alyson Marlin and her husband were rerouted mid-trip, from a British Airways flight to an Airberlin flight. When they landed, neither British Airways or Airberlin had their luggage. They spent the entire nine-day trip without their bags

The one thing you need to know before you leave for the airport

Dong Heon Kim asked if we could help get him a refund from ExploreTrip after he was denied boarding on his recent Air Canada flight from Seattle to South Korea. Unfortunately, Kim is just one of a steady stream of would-be travelers we have seen recently, who have shown up at the airport ready for..

Knowing what to do won’t help if you don’t do it

Don Litchfield’s car rental on Hawaii’s Big Island was a case of good news and bad news. The good news: Dollar Rent A Car’s agent offered him a “free” upgrade to a larger SUV because Litchfield would be transporting a wheelchair. The bad news: a final bill that was more than double what he had..

No cruise, no insurance and no refund? Not so fast!

Frank Pirri asked us for help with not one but two Princess World Cruises that he and his wife needed to cancel because of a sudden, serious medical diagnosis. But without travel insurance we thought that they would be out of luck

What’s up with these motion detectors in my hotel room?

John Kroner has been an annual guest at the Holiday Inn Express Branson-Green Mountain Drive in Branson, Mo., since 1999. But his most recent stay there left him sweltering in his bed when a motion detector in the room automatically turned off the air conditioner.

No, Swiss won’t assume responsibility for $170,000 worth of samples

Swiss International Air damaged Hussan Ijaz Butt’s checked bag on a recent flight from Karachi, Pakistan, to Madrid. The circumstances of his claims are a little — no, a lot — unusual. The post No, Swiss won’t assume responsibility for $170,000 worth of samples appeared first on Elliott

Vueling rescheduled my flight, but didn’t bother to tell me

Judy Weidel’s flight from Rome to Palermo, Italy, is rescheduled, but no one bothers to tell her. She has to cancel a hotel and find a place to stay — at her own expense. The post Vueling rescheduled my flight, but didn’t bother to tell me appeared first on Elliott

Why do companies take their time with a claim?

This is not a story about Margaret Gordon’s $600 cocktail dress, the one that got ruined on the Queen Mary transatlantic crossing. The post Why do companies take their time with a claim? appeared first on Elliott.

Three parties denied me a flight and compensation — where does the buck stop?

Andrew Ong didn’t expect anything to go wrong with the flight he booked for his friend’s wedding. But when it did, he expected the companies involved — WestJet, Delta and Chase Ultimate Rewards — to help him fix it. They didn’t The post Three parties denied me a flight and compensation —..

Another bill from Alamo? But my insurance already paid!

After Laura Rothert returns her rental car to Alamo, she receives a demand for payment for damages she didn’t cause — and Alamo is threatening to send the bill to collections. Can our advocates get Alamo to stop pursuing Rothert? The post Another bill from Alamo