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Here’s what happens when you use a consolidator and then miss your flight

Joe Barrett booked tickets through ExploreTrip for a flight to Italy. Unfortunately, on the day of his departure, he arrived at the airport too late for check-in and missed his flight. The post Here’s what happens when you use a consolidator and then miss your flight appeared first on…

I was bumped from my Spirit flight. Wasn’t I?

When Bob Fournier received an email from Spirit Airlines indicating that his flight had been rescheduled, he thought he had been bumped. From where he sat, he was facing the same circumstances as if he had been involuntarily denied boarding: Not only was he unable to fly home at the originally…

I was detained in Abu Dhabi. Shouldn’t American pay my expenses?

Caroline Martorano was on her way back to the U.S. from Sri Lanka, and during a stopover in Abu Dhabi, she says she was detained for not being appropriately dressed, causing her to miss her connecting flight. She also says her detainment was American Airlines’ fault because it tried to charge a..

How Air New Zealand rekindled one passenger’s loyalty

Clark Fetridge thought his recent vacation to Australia and New Zealand would be a perfect opportunity to catch up on his in-flight e-book reading. The post How Air New Zealand rekindled one passenger’s loyalty appeared first on Elliott.

Help! I believe that an Air Canada agent damaged my visa

Douglas Greenfield wasn’t expecting to be grounded when he departed for his vacation – let alone that a gate agent would cause it to happen. Yet he found himself prevented from boarding his Air Canada flight because of a damaged visa. He would like us to help him seek reimbursement from Air Canada..

Chaotic Wiring – Thai Version

Lots of places in the world electrical wiring can be a confusing chaos, a mad cobweb of wires going in every direction at once. ◄ In Thailand this week I saw lots of wiring which was certainly chaotic, but in a kind of chaotically organized fashion. There was far too much of it, far too many lines all going in the same direction and with lots of connectors to connect lots of wires

Help! Airberlin only offered to pay me for half of my clothes

Christian Markgraaff is traveling with his baby and wife when the airline loses all their checked luggage. They purchase $1,000 worth of replacement items while waiting for their baggage to be found. Airberlin offers him a 50-euro voucher for future travel, which he rejects.

Bouncing between Expedia and British Airways looking for a refund

William Dickinson was promised a refund on a flight he had to cancel because of a flight schedule change that would have made it impossible for him to make his connections to a workshop in Italy. But who, exactly, owes him that refund — and will it ever come? The post Bouncing between Expedia and…

Sorry, but we are consumer advocates, not magicians

Lauren Kurtz claims that when she rented a car from Budget in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the rental agent told her that a charge of $439 was “nothing” and “don’t worry about it.” So she thought nothing of it — until the charge appeared on her credit card statement.

“It baffles me that American Airlines can be so insensitive”

Pam Kalra is a cancer survivor, but to add insult to injury, she is now having the painful experience of learning that airline loyalty programs are tilted one way — toward the airlines. The post “It baffles me that American Airlines can be so insensitive” appeared first on Elliott.

Just ask and you shall receive! But remember to ask.

When Jefferson Aikin and his wife take a “Wanna Get Away” flight on Southwest, they are bumped from the flight — and given compensation for only one of their airfares. Can our advocates help them do better? The post Just ask and you shall receive! But remember to ask.

Something is wrong with my ticket from London to Minsk

Svetlana Belaia-Martiniouk bought airline tickets from Priceline, and while the price was right, the ticket was wrong. As a result, she had to shell out money to continue her journey to visit a sick aunt in Minsk. Can our advocates help Priceline make good on the error

So long, multipage format! And now for the big question

After the enormous mushroom cloud rising from our recent discussion of the multipage format, and after consulting with my editors and the SEO gurus who put us up to this unpopular move, we’ve stopped splitting our blog posts into two. The post So long, multipage format! And now for the big…

Be There or Be Square

I wish I’d been in Berlin on 9 November 1989 to see the wall come down. I finally got there on 21 October 1991, nearly two years later, and totally because a collection of my German Berlin friends had all insisted I had to see Berlin before it was changed forever