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Richmond, Struggletown & Modern Architecture

A large chunk of my life in Melbourne, Australia was spent in Richmond. Maureen and I lived in a rented house in Richmond from 1976, then bought it for A$20,500 in 1980, renovated it and lived in it until 1988 when we sold it for $144,000. At that time it was the highest price a house had got to on that street

Saudi Madness

I love absurd countries, which is why I wrote Bad Lands and Dark Lands . Countries like North Korea, which threaten the outside world with nuclear Armageddon, but in fact couldn’t make something as simple as a bicycle. Any country – and again North Korea is a perfect example – which proclaim that they are utterly undemocratic by inserting ‘democratic’ into their official title.

♬ It’s the most frustrating time of the year — to fly♪

The flying experience is worse than it was five years ago, and the worst time of the year to fly is now, according to a new survey. But you probably didn’t need a survey to tell you that. And yet, here we are with a new Morning Consult research, commissioned by the U.S

Salt Lake City acquires a new taste for adventure. Have a bite.

This sure doesn’t feel like Salt Lake City. My kids had no idea what that meant when I said that as we were strolling the streets of Utah’s capital. They weren’t here decades ago when I saw the old Salt Lake City, a less vibrant and interesting place than the one they were experiencing

Why is this company using my home address in its advertisements?

Stefanie Rembiszewski offers violin lessons via the music company Taylor Robinson at their request — and then discovers her home address listed as a business location in online directories. Her mailbox begins filling up with the company’s mail. Someone even rings her doorbell to inquire about…

Why didn’t I get the AT&T discount that I was promised?

When Suzan French wants to add her daughter to her family mobile phone account, an AT&T representative promises that it won’t cost any more than she’s already paying. But once she makes the change, her AT&T bills go up by $10 per month.

Wheeling around Tucson, where things aren’t always what they seem

In Arizona’s Sonoran desert, things aren’t always what they seem. Like those pigs scurrying around the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, a botanical garden a few miles outside of Tucson. The post Wheeling around Tucson, where things aren’t always what they seem appeared first on Elliott.

JustFly let me book an illegal route — now I want a refund

Using an online travel agency (OTA) to book a vacation in Asia seemed like a good idea at the time to Mitchell Knutson. But when things went wrong, this traveler claimed that the OTA sold him an illegal ticket. He wants our help to get it to reimburse his $1,000 loss.

Why you should take air turbulence seriously

United Airlines flight 1031 was about 80 miles east of Cancún, on its way from Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport to Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, when it encountered turbulence earlier this summer — severe turbulence.

What not to do this summer

With the busy summer travel season now in full swing, you probably expect the predictable “how to travel this summer” story. Not this year. The post What not to do this summer appeared first on Elliott

This is your last chance

This is it. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to join the fundraiser for my consumer advocacy site, today’s the day. The post This is your last chance appeared first on Elliott.

You’re spilling over into my seat, and it’s giving me PTSD

If there was any doubt the airlines are putting profits above the comfort — and in many way, the safety — of passengers, they’ve been dispelled by recent news. The post You’re spilling over into my seat, and it’s giving me PTSD appeared first on Elliott.

This Virgin America companion ticket credit is unusable

When Ellen Spertus receives a promotional code for a $150 companion ticket on Virgin America, she discovers that it’s unusable because of the airline’s blackout dates. When she tries again, she receives an error message, saying the code has been used.