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We chartered a flight to make our cruise on time. Why won’t Viking make us whole?

Patrick Ryan and seven other passengers are stranded when British Airways’ computer system melts down. They’re traveling to Norway for a cruise and charter a flight so they would arrive in time to board the ship. Now, they can’t get reimbursed and want to know if our advocates can help them.

I already have auto insurance, so why is Europcar forcing me to buy it for my car rental?

When Allison Blake rents a car through Hotwire for her trip to Mexico, she is forced to purchase auto insurance coverage even though she already has it through Allianz. Can our advocates persuade Hotwire to refund Blake the cost of the insurance she didn’t need?

Is a two-hour delay worth 25,000 American miles?

When Maurice Woolman’s flight from Berlin to Madrid was delayed, he worried that he wouldn’t be able to make his connection to Miami, which was scheduled to take off 70 minutes after his arrival in Madrid. The post Is a two-hour delay worth 25,000 American miles?

Why is Travelocity doubling the rate for my hotel room?

When Joseph Pollard checks in at the Grange Blooms Hotel, he is charged nearly double the rate for the room he reserved through Travelocity. Neither the hotel nor Travelocity will honor the original rate or negotiate with him.

I agreed to pay $26 for car rental insurance, but was charged $26 per day. Can you help me get a refund?

When Frank Diss rents a car in San Antonio, he accepts an agent’s offer of optional insurance coverage for a one-time cost of $26 for the entire term of his rental. But when Diss returns the car, he’s billed $208 more than he expected. Does he deserve a refund?

Silk Road by MGB – Days 86 to 94 in Iran

We’re through to Day 92, our last day in Asia, tomorrow we cross the Dardanelles, from Asian to European Turkey and then on into Bulgaria. But more on Turkey shortly, meanwhile here’s a quick summary of Days 86 to 94 in Iran.

5 things you must do before you file your travel insurance claim

Peter Kuhmerker was set for the vacation of a lifetime — a nine-day Ireland tour from Dublin to Killarney booked through Great Value Vacations. As a precaution, he even purchased a “cancel for any reason” travel insurance policy through the company. The post 5 things you must do before you file..

The End of All Our Exploring

Travel, relationships, India and McLeod Ganj at Dharamsala, Australia, Burma, they all feature in Catherine Anderson’s The End of All Our Exploring , a wrenching memoir about her intense, but sadly truncated relationship with the writer and photographer Angus McDonald. I should have met Angus on a panel at a travel writing festival in Melbourne in 2013, but he died a few weeks earlier. He left behind two books, in The Five Foot Road: In Search of a Vanished China he follows the tracks of ‘Morrison of Peking’ who travelled from Shanghai to Rangoon in 1894

A big price to pay for a small ticketing mistake

When Krisha Nazareth omits her mother’s maiden name from her flight reservation on Emirates Airlines, Expedia charges her a large sum of money to fix the problem but doesn’t correct the booking. Can our advocates get a refund from Expedia after Emirates cancels her tickets? The post A big price to..

How to get your policy to cover you — special circumstances and all

“I’m at a loss,” Bill Dunn wrote to me recently. “I’m looking for advice on how to appeal a decision against my travel insurance claim.” The problem: Dunn had bought travel insurance for a recent trip to see his nephew get married. Six weeks before his departure, he lost his job