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Downgraded on my flight, but charged more

United Airlines charges Myrna Lippman more money for a downgraded seat on her flight from Venice to Miami. Can it do that? The post Downgraded on my flight, but charged more appeared first on Elliott.

These airline have the best Wi-Fi in the world

Three American airlines offer the most onboard wireless Internet connections worldwide, according to new research. The post These airline have the best Wi-Fi in the world appeared first on Elliott.

Attention frequent fliers — time for a year-end mileage tune-up

“Elite status,” as one of my clients once observed, “means they treat you less badly.” And as 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to find a way for airlines to treat you less badly. Are you ready? The post Attention frequent fliers — time for a year-end mileage tune-up appeared first on Elliott.

(At Least) 5 Reasons Why Albuquerque Is America’s Coolest City for Geek Travelers

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook . New Mexico in general and the area around Albuquerque, in particular, have been a haven for geeky travelers long before Heisenberg ever “graduated” from high school chemistry to hardcore “cooking”. If you’re a nerd through-and-through — someone who appreciates a good nuclear museum or the physics behind hot air ballooning, ABQ (as it’s known to locals) should be at the top of your bucket list.

Sandwich Harbor, Namibia

Sandwich Harbor, Namibia Camera NIKON D300S ISO 200 Focal Length 18mm Aperture f/4 Exposure Time 1/5000 Sandwich Harbor is located along the coast of the Namib Desert south of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. The harbor is known for it large amount of waterfowl, including flamingos

Aloha Friday Photos: A sign of aloha from Hawi

Mahalo to Dave Newbold from Hawaii Island for sharing this neat photo with us for Aloha Friday Photos . Dave tells us that he found this surfboard-shaped sign in Hawi (pronounced hah-vee) on the North Shore of Hawaii Island. It sure does say “ALOHA” to us

Gratuities gone wild!

Anthony Kumasaka was reviewing his folio from a stay at Mohonk Mountain House and found several fees listed, including room and board fee, occupancy tax, overnight charges tax, and this charge: “Gratuity-overnight”. Understandably, he asked, “A gratuity for just sleeping?” The post Gratuities gone…

The Roots of Johnny Cash

Though the man in black never really “shot a man in Reno”—don’t believe all the song lyrics—he did pick “cotton in the bottomland” as the son of an Arkansas Delta farmer. His family’s 1930s homestead, meticulously restored, opened a year ago as a museum

The Shard – from a 777

So often the views out the window are superb, like on Cathay Pacific CX-257 from Hong Kong to London last week. We started off by flying south out of Hong Kong, before turning north and flying right over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. We continued north across China, passing east of Beijing, but almost directly overhead Taiyuan where I stayed for a night a couple of years ago

6th Annual Contest to Predict the First Hawaii Humpback Whale Sighting

Though Hawaii’s humpback whale season isn’t into full swing until mid/late December, it’s possible that the season’s first whale to arrive in Hawaii is making the journey to the islands at this moment. So, it’s time for our annual contest to predict the first humpback whale sighting of the upcoming season! To assist you with your prediction, here’s a list of the the most recent humpback sightings: 2006 – October 11 2007 – October 7 2008 – October 8 2009 – October 20 2010 – October 20 2011 — September 26 2012 — August  30 2013 — October 5 2014 — September 16 Here’s how the 2015 contest will work: Pick the earliest date you think the first whale sighting will be this year.  Enter your prediction in the comments for this blog post . (Sorry Facebook friends, but only blog comments will be eligible