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No, I didn’t want to buy United’s “Promotion Bundle”

Mary Bradley selects her seats on her upcoming United flight, but is confused by the confirmation that she soon receives. She is sure that she didn’t purchase anything called “United’s Promotion Bundle,” so why is she being charged for it?

Oh, you wanted electricity with your VRBO rental?

When Jason Burns and his family arrive at their Parisienne VRBO houseboat rental, they are shocked to find that it is missing one important element: electricity. Surely this qualifies the clan for a refund. Or does it?

An Amsterdam adventure, the easy way

Nothing compares to the tulip festivals of spring, but Amsterdam blossoms all year as one of Europe’s most enriching historic and green cities — while using less of your green if in the know. The post An Amsterdam adventure, the easy way appeared first on Elliott

Our Vueling flight left without us — four days early

Ward Bushee arrives at the airport in Sardinia to check in for his Vueling Airlines flight to Barcelona, only to learn that his flight left without him — four days prior. He says no one told him, but Vueling initially says it did. The post Our Vueling flight left without us — four days…

Can you help me get $100,000 for my “near-fatal” injury?

When Mai Le contacted us concerning her recent “near-fatal’ injury on Hawaiian Airlines, we were surprised to hear that the airline appeared to be unsympathetic to her plight. We suspected there was more to the story — and that was a correct assumption.

Why won’t China Southern Airlines let me correct this booking mistake?

When Howard Lasnik tries to fix his ticketing error on China Southern Airlines, its agents repeatedly refuse to assist him, leaving him with unusable tickets. Can our advocates help him find his way through this booking snafu? The post Why won’t China Southern Airlines let me correct this…

The cab drove off with my purse — what would you do?

The fear of losing your credit cards and IDs is one of the most common travel phobias. But that fear became a reality for Carol Gail on a trip to Paris, when she left her change purse with her driver’s license, two credit cards, and some money in a cab on the way from the airport to her hotel.

My New Plycycle – a plywood bicycle

I like bicycles, I’m not a collector, but I do have a few of them. They get used whether it’s just riding around Melbourne – here’s a comparison of my three bicycles in that city. Or riding further afield, like trying out my new London bicycle with a little London-Paris trip

Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre – A Journey through the Heart of the Continent – by Paul Lockyer is an ABC coffee table booking which sums up with interesting text and fantastic photos this weirdly wonderful Australian lake. It’s Australia’s largest lake and the fifth largest ‘terminal’ lake in the world, a terminal lake is one which water flows into, but not out of.

A lactating passenger tries to hold United Airlines accountable

Juggling the needs of a six-month old baby with a busy travel schedule can’t be easy, but Wendin Smith tries. She expects an airline like United, with which she has top-tier elite status, to be her ally. But on a recent flight, the company proved to be more of an adversary.

Leave your wireless carrier now. Here’s why.

My “unlimited” data plan from AT&T seemed like a great deal when I signed up for it a decade ago. Then again, I didn’t have much of a choice. If I wanted a brand-new iPhone — which I really did — I only had one choice for a wireless carrier.

Hyatt resorts to a fee refund without me even asking

Is a separate, mandatory hotel fee really a fee? A popular Chesapeake Bay Hyatt in Cambridge, Md., claimed it was when the Good News Guy himself recently stayed there to participate in a hosted professional workshop. The post Hyatt resorts to a fee refund without me even asking appeared first on…

I didn’t know that was banned on a plane!

If you’re not entirely sure whether you’re allowed to pack your favorite can of hairspray, your teenager’s hoverboard, or that cellphone to which your companion seems to be surgically attached, you’re in good company. The post I didn’t know that was banned on a plane! appeared first on…