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Caribbean Airlines promised a refund a year ago. Where is it?

Kathy Parker’s daughter makes a reservation on Caribbean Airlines and cancels it within 24 hours. One year later, Parker’s still waiting for Caribbean to issue her a refund for the airfare. Can our advocates help pry a refund loose from the airline after a long wait

Maybe I won’t be home for Christmas

It looks like Michael Burz won’t be coming home for the holidays after Jetstar rejects his credit card. Unless, of The post Maybe I won’t be home for Christmas appeared first on Elliott

Do I deserve a refund for a lightning strike?

After a lightning strike zaps Brittany Burns’ vacation, she tries to secure a refund for her airline ticket. But is she entitled to it? The post Do I deserve a refund for a lightning strike

Women Behind the Wheel

The Australian daily email newsletter Crikey summed up the announcement that women would be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia  fairly succinctly: The brutal theocratic regime of Saudi Arabia is suddenly everyone’s favourite fundamentalist gang of war criminals after announcing — in a specially coordinated announcement at home and in Washington — that it would be joining the 19th century in allowing women to drive. Don’t hold your breath on this story either, the new ruling doesn’t come into effect until late June 2018. And it’s possible there may be other restrictions, I’ve read that women will not be allowed to drive after 8 pm at night and the new law will only apply to women over 30

Warning: When buying a $4,000 mini pig, do not use your debit card

When Meghan Robinson bought a piglet named Peaches, she was devastated when the little creature was deemed unhealthy and the sale fell through. But now she’s not only missing Peaches, but the breeder is refusing to refund the $4,000 Robinson paid for her.

WOW Airlines lost my luggage. Then it lost my luggage claim.

WOW Airlines doesn’t dispute that it lost Michelle Kelly’s luggage, but when she repeatedly tries to recover the cost of her possessions, the airline repeatedly tells her it hasn’t received her claim. The post WOW Airlines lost my luggage. Then it lost my luggage claim.

Can’t sleep on airplanes? These products and techniques can help.

The rumble of a jet engine is a comforting sound to some air travelers, making it easy to sleep on virtually any flight. For others, just the thought of being trapped in a pressurized aluminum tube is enough to send massive doses of adrenaline into their bloodstreams, ensuring alertness for…

March complaints approach record as American Airlines extends lead

It was another busy month for complaints. Readers filed 337 grievances, just a few cases shy of our record 342 complaints received last August. The post March complaints approach record as American Airlines extends lead appeared first on Elliott.

I missed one leg of my flight. Can the airline cancel the rest of my ticket?

Pranjul Vir contacted our advocates about a common air travel problem: He and his wife were flying on an Air Canada ticket with stops in multiple cities. But when they couldn’t make one connection, the entire itinerary was canceled. The post I missed one leg of my flight

I think a Dollar employee took my rental for a spin!

Dinesh Gandhi’s receipt showing that he returned his rental car with a full tank of gas doesn’t persuade Dollar Rent A Car not to charge him for refilling the tank. He thinks an employee drove the car after he returned it

Not going to let a few bad emails stop me from fixing this T-Mobile case!

When Angelika Blendstrup and her daughter arrived in France recently, they were certain that they wouldn’t be cut off from their friends and family back in the U.S. After all, they’d carefully selected a pricey T-Mobile plan that they were assured would work in Europe.

Why won’t British Airways cover my cab fare?

After British Airways reroutes Jane Lyons’ flight from Baltimore to Washington, a representative promises that the airline will reimburse her for her taxi fare. But when she presents the airline with a bill, it balks.