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The Princess Juliana is closed indefinitely, so why won’t Delta refund my flight?

Princess Juliana International Airport cancels James Quinn’s flights because of hurricane damage. He wants a refund from Delta Air Lines, but it wants him to reschedule. Can our advocates help him get a refund for the flight the airport canceled

7 Ways to Fake a First Class Experience in Economy

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook . Long-haul flights are the worst . If you’re on a 10-hour flight, cramped up with legroom that even a dog couldn’t fit in, food that is only fit for a prison cafeteria, in seats that I can only imagine are filled with more germs than a toilet, you’re in for one hell of a ride (literally)

Yes, this traveler should pay the $28 to correct this spelling error

When Donald Kushner booked his ticket on Czech Airlines, he made a “small” spelling error with his name. Then he found out the “absurd fee” that the airline is expecting him to pay to correct it. Now he wants to know if he should just take his chances and try to use the ticket as is

How will the Qatar quagmire affect your next trip?

Two of Richard Come’s co-workers are affected by a blockade of Qatar, a small country on the Arabian Peninsula that extends into the Persian Gulf and shares its southern land border with Saudi Arabia. Several of Qatar’s neighbors have suspended diplomatic relations and air traffic and accused Qatar..

A self-booking mistake cost this traveler $1,300

Last March, Sharon Mixon bought two tickets from Orlando to Auckland, New Zealand. But a month before departure, she realized that the names on the tickets didn’t exactly match the names on their passports. In today’s travel environment that could have created big problems during their trip.

No, finding “airline goo” on your bags does not lead to a successful $16,000 claim

What happens when a traveler discovers that three pieces of her luggage have been ruined by an unidentified type of “airline goo” and asks Interjet or her travel insurance company to compensate her to the tune of $16,000? Lynda Leibrock can tell you: Nothing.

Middle East Electronics Ban – not thought through?

The ban on tablets, laptops and digital cameras introduced on 21 March from an assortment of Middle East airports covers anything bigger than 9.3cm (3.6 inches) by 16cm (6.3 inches) by 1.5 cm (0.6 inches). That lets in most big smart phones, but cuts out Kindles and IPad Minis.