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What’s ahead for hotel guests in 2018?

When it comes to fees and surcharges, hotel guests are wondering: What’s next? Mandatory “resort fees” mushroomed last year, even as hotels added new charges for all kinds of things, including cancellations and late checkouts.

Here’s an easy way to help consumers in 2018

I’ve always been skeptical of awards, so when a friend suggested that I start one, I reflexively said “no.” “It’s not about you,” he countered. “It’s about your readers.” The post Here’s an easy way to help consumers in 2018 appeared first on Elliott.

An American Airlines agent switched my ticket to a different airport and forgot to tell me

When Kriengsak Athikomvittaya traveled from Japan to Bangkok, Thailand, he was not expecting his trip to cost an additional $280 for a cab ride between airports in Tokyo. The American Airlines agent who changed his ticket didn’t mention that his new flight was at a different airport than the one…

We declined to take this bedbug case. Here’s why.

When Sandy Sloane planned her 10-night trip to Prague, Berlin and London, she booked her family’s accommodations through Airbnb. After two nights at the first Airbnb in Prague, she was certain she had bedbug bites all over her body. What she did next (and what she didn’t do) made it impossible for..

Yes, Lufthansa can charge a “huge fee” to change your flight date

Nicholas Eckert says he “fully expected and understood” that he’d be charged a penalty for rebooking his Lufthansa flight. But the penalty was so high that he questions its reasonableness. Lufthansa, says Eckert, “really went above and beyond in its extraction of money from me.” The post Yes,..

What all the recent United Airlines headlines may mean for travelers

Now that the dust has almost settled from United Airlines’ infamous passenger-expulsion incident, travelers are left with several important and largely unanswered questions about how this kerfuffle will change air travel — if it does at all. The post What all the recent United Airlines headlines…

Am I responsible for maintaining the fluids in my rental car?

Doesn’t a renter have a reasonable expectation that fluids have been topped off before each rental? Isn’t the fact that someone else deals with maintenance part of the enjoyment of a vacation rental car? Is there a difference here between what the rental car contract may say and what the right..

A hurricane ruined my Sandals vacation. Please help me un-ruin it.

Lisa McNulty and her husband are excited about their Christmas getaway to Sandals Great Emerald Bay Resort in Exuma, Bahamas. Then a hurricane blows through and destroys the hotel. Can Sandals and Expedia help fix this disaster, or will she be stuck with a ticket to nowhere?

Graphic content! Murder! Allegiant Air! Here are the top stories of 2016

In case you didn’t notice, we had a busy, exciting — and in many cases, controversial — year. That’s the kind of year it was for advocacy, helping those who needed it, or as our own Christopher Elliott likes to say, comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable