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Rudeness runs rampant for travelers. Is it your fault?

It was a random thought at the end of a recent column about unfriendly TSA agents. “I wonder if the rude agent is a reflection of an even ruder traveler,” mused David Kazarian, a pharmacist from Tampa. It started a debate with a real purpose.

Don’t buy another television until you read this

Before you run to the store to buy a TV on Black Friday, you need to know about Larry Valverde, who purchased a new set from Best Buy last Black Friday. The post Don’t buy another television until you read this appeared first on Elliott.

I need LATAM to send instructions for my claim in English

When Tim Tyler’s luggage goes missing after a flight on LATAM Airlines, communication failures with the airline stall the resolution of his claim for compensation. Can our advocates get LATAM to process the claim without further delays? The post I need LATAM to send instructions for my claim in…

The murky world of airline upgrades

As airline travel becomes increasingly less pleasant in economy class, upgrades are looking increasingly appealing to travelers. Understanding how the deck is stacked will help with any attempted upgrades. The post The murky world of airline upgrades appeared first on Elliott.

Travel blacklists: Turning tables on the industry

Maybe you’ve heard about Jason Puerner, or someone like him. Puerner, a transportation planner from Lakewood, Colo., says he recently rented a Chevrolet Cruze with a pre-existing scratch from Enterprise.

WOW flew me to Iceland but left my winter clothes behind in Boston

Adam Shulman and his wife recently traveled to beautiful Iceland. The only problem was that the Shulmans’ baggage, which included their winter clothes, didn’t make the trip. The post WOW flew me to Iceland but left my winter clothes behind in Boston appeared first on Elliott.

Silk Road by MGB – Days 63 to 71 in Uzbekistan

Kyrgyzstan was a case of continuous culture shock, not what I had expected of the ex-Soviet Central Asian ‘stans when it came to the geography or the culture. The surprises continued in Uzbekistan, when we reached Samarkand and Bukhara with their wonderful Islamic art and architecture the picture was rather more what I had been expecting and we’ve also had the desert geography which I had in my mind, but there were plenty of other surprises. ▲ Starting with the money, Uzbekistan has a big black market although it’s so relaxed you could hardly describe it as black.

The Russian Revolution – 100 Years Later

It’s 100 years since the Russian Revolution ushered in Communism and the Soviet Union, assorted galleries and museum in London are celebrating the occasion. The Royal Academy on Piccadilly features Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932 which runs until 17 April. It covers the 15 years from 1917, when enthusiasm was high and the art was varied, eclectic, imaginative, hopeful, revolutionary even

A flurry of pleas for help and then…crickets

When Mona and Bruce Rowe’s American Airlines flight to Tokyo is diverted, American offers 20,000 frequent flier miles as compensation. But the Rowes want reimbursement for their train tickets and hotel as well. Can our advocates help them get it?

Alamo says my car was damaged by hail. I have the photos to prove they’re wrong. Now what?

It’s one of those dreaded “acts of God” that every one of us who every rents a car hopes we’ll never encounter: a hailstorm. Unfortunately, Josh Turiel encountered one when he rented a car from Alamo. Fortunately, his rental car suffered no damage.

Where’s the credit promised?

Thomas McConnell had to cut his planned hotel stay in San Diego from seven days to five. But the online agency he used to book the room hasn’t given him credit for his stay. The post Where’s the credit promised?

Is legit? Read this story before you answer

Erin McBride’s sister, Natalie Gresko, was in Fiji with her family when McBride contacted us about the suspected fraud that forced her sister to buy new tickets to avoid being stranded in Los Angeles. Will we be able to help, or will we have to settle for passing on a warning to others? The post..