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Who’s responsible for this missed flight to Egypt?

The first leg of Michael Rogers’ flight — purchased through Expedia, sold by Delta and operated by Alitalia — is delayed, forcing him to rebook his connecting flight. Then he’s bumped. Who owes Rogers a refund for his airfares and other expenses – and can our advocates help him obtain one

Does American owe this traveler for his missed day in Mexico?

All passengers were aboard William Kaighn’s American Airlines flight to Phoenix. The doors were secured, and they were waiting to push back from the jetway when the captain announced that everyone would have to deplane and board a different aircraft at another gate.

Construction noise ruined my Sandals vacation in Barbados

When Lisa Chiarello’s Sandals vacation is ruined by construction noise, the resort offers two “free” nights. Is she entitled to more? The post Construction noise ruined my Sandals vacation in Barbados appeared first on Elliott.

Insider tips on how to file a travel insurance claim

If you’re reading this, chances are something horrible has happened while you’re on vacation — a health scare, a disruption, even an unexpected death. Maybe you’ve phoned your travel insurance company and the wheels are now in motion for a claim.

I accepted the upgrade because I thought it was free. It wasn’t

When Howard and Lori Rubin checked in for their trip on American Airlines to the Galápagos Islands, they were offered a free upgrade to first class — or so he claims. The post I accepted the upgrade because I thought it was free. It wasn’t appeared first on Elliott.

Pimsleur’s customer service speaks my language

This fall, my wife and I will be spending a week in Hungary, so a few months ago I went online and ordered the Pimsleur level 1 Hungarian course. Learning a new language can be fun; it keeps the brain engaged. And it’s also really useful before heading to a foreign country

Hey Groupon, what happened to my laptop computer?

After Jennifer Poff pays Groupon $125 for a laptop computer, it doesn’t deliver. But Groupon insists the laptop was shipped and won’t respond to her requests to send the laptop or refund the money.

Are you as confused as these travelers about United’s upgrade system?

When Marco Lippman booked his United Airlines ticket for a flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt, Germany, he received a message that “four tickets were left at this price” that qualified for upgrades. But when he tried to upgrade his ticket, he found himself on a waitlist. And United’s website…

How to make United Airlines keep its promises

You could almost hear a collective groan from the traveling public last week when United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz promised a congressional hearing that his airline would “do better” in the wake of the David Dao dragging incident. Better than what, exactly