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Pimsleur’s customer service speaks my language

This fall, my wife and I will be spending a week in Hungary, so a few months ago I went online and ordered the Pimsleur level 1 Hungarian course. Learning a new language can be fun; it keeps the brain engaged. And it’s also really useful before heading to a foreign country

Hey Groupon, what happened to my laptop computer?

After Jennifer Poff pays Groupon $125 for a laptop computer, it doesn’t deliver. But Groupon insists the laptop was shipped and won’t respond to her requests to send the laptop or refund the money.

Are you as confused as these travelers about United’s upgrade system?

When Marco Lippman booked his United Airlines ticket for a flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt, Germany, he received a message that “four tickets were left at this price” that qualified for upgrades. But when he tried to upgrade his ticket, he found himself on a waitlist. And United’s website…

How to make United Airlines keep its promises

You could almost hear a collective groan from the traveling public last week when United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz promised a congressional hearing that his airline would “do better” in the wake of the David Dao dragging incident. Better than what, exactly

Is the great American road trip ending?

What just happened? A few years ago, self-driving vehicles were science fiction, but today, you can hail an Uber self-driving Volvo in Pittsburgh. You don’t have to be a futurist to connect the dots

Travelers, beware! Hacking lurks in plugs and ports

Last time I rented a car, its onboard infotainment system offered to pair with my iPhone, and I instinctively pushed the “yes” button. Wrong answer. The post Travelers, beware! Hacking lurks in plugs and ports appeared first on Elliott.

What happened on the way to the forum? Our busiest threads of 2016

Self-empowerment is one of the cornerstones of our mission. We pursue the cause of consumer advocacy not only through direct outreach to companies to resolve customer service issues, but also through our forums. The post What happened on the way to the forum?

Why is this site so awesome? Here’s our secret

There’s no shortage of sites that publish interesting stories, feature thought-provoking ideas and offer a platform for insightful blog comments. But let’s face it, none of them keep you coming back every day to make sure you haven’t missed a thing, like this site does. The post Why is this site..

Why are travelers punished for complaining?

Common sense tells you that if you complain too much, you could end up banished to the back of the plane or even blacklisted. What can you do if you have a complaint against a travel company?

4 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Upcoming Fall Road Trips

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook . Fall is officially here and — at least here in the United States — that means: it’s road trippin’ season! (Actually, every season is road tripping season as far as we’re concerned, but fall is our favorite season so …) Fresh off a handful of awesome road trips this past summer, we’ve been winnowing down our list of “must-have” car camping gadgets. Here are just four of our latest favorites: #1: Pelican Elite Coolers Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler in the Wild At home or in the woods, we love to cook