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My car service company never showed up, and it never explained why

When Michael Tolcott books a car service to take him to the airport, he expects his ride to arrive as agreed. But when the vehicle doesn’t turn up, he is left scrambling to get to the airport and trying not to miss his flight. The post My car service company never showed up, and it never explained..

A polite letter and our contacts lead to a positive resolution with Delta

Conflicts between companies and their customers are common, and consumers often act as their own advocates. We regularly advise consumers to start with a politely worded letter to the company, succinctly describing the problem and asking for a specific, reasonable resolution.

I don’t want these vouchers — I want cash!

After being denied boarding on Etihad Airways, Anthony Gorman just wanted fair compensation. He lost an entire day of his vacation because his flight was oversold. But guess what he got instead

They missed their New Year’s Eve cruise by a whole year. Are they entitled to restitution?

Sara Zalkin planned a special New Year’s Eve celebration with her husband and 16 friends aboard the Carnival Conquest, and they booked through the travel agency Legendary Journeys. But when the group arrived to embark the ship, the Zalkins’ boarding passes were for a cruise departing Dec

I took advantage of a gift card promotion. Then Target took advantage of me

It sounds like the next verse of the same song: Muhajirah Payne purchased a gift card from Target online — only to find out from the recipient that the card wasn’t usable. Our advocates have been hearing versions of this story quite frequently – and wondering why Target won’t stand behind its gift…

Visiting the Chandramauleshwara Temple in Hampi

For years I’ve been meaning to visit Hampi, the extensive city of temple ruins in the state of Karnataka. It’s an overnight train trip from the southern metropolis of Bangalore or a slightly shorter trip from Goa on the coast, the difficulties of getting there perhaps help to keep the tourist numbers in check, but a visit is thoroughly worthwhile.

Is Avis’ 42 euro “referral” fee in Milan a scam?

Italy’s infamous restricted traffic zones have struck again, this time snagging Douglas Schmucker, an unsuspecting Avis car rental customer. The post Is Avis’ 42 euro “referral” fee in Milan a scam? appeared first on Elliott.

Taken Advantage of for a bad key fob battery

Car rental contracts often come with a number of options, such as prepaid fuel and roadside service – along with ancillary fees. These fees form a large percentage of the revenue stream of many car rental agencies. And turning down optional services can lead to unexpected problems when rental cars..