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Without trip insurance, even a tragedy may not lead to a refund

Ethelynne Bates-Huffman had to cancel her trip to Norway, booked through Vantage Travel, for one of the most terrible of reasons: the sudden death of her husband. But her desperate plea to Vantage Travel for a refund of their trip fares did not result in compassionate treatment.

Do you need a visa? Here’s the final word

If you’ve traveled to overseas destinations, you probably already know that you need a passport in order to legally enter another country and to return to your home country. But do you know if you need a visa to travel to the country you’ve chosen?

An Olympic journey and family reunion in Rio

When Rio de Janeiro was named a finalist city for the 2016 Olympic Games, I was filled with anticipation and excitement. As a long time member of NBC’s Olympic production team, I knew that the city’s selection could be my first opportunity to revisit my grandfather’s sister’s family, who I had not…

Help! Choice Hotels canceled our reservation to see the eclipse

More than a year in advance, Nancy Barnby secures her lodging inside the direct path of the August 21, 2017, solar eclipse viewing area in Oregon. Now she needs our help because that hotel has changed hands and her reservation has been summarily discarded by the new owner. With just weeks left…

Dollar hit me with $255 in administrative fees

Garry Woessner rents a car, but turns down the offer of renting an electronic toll pass. You can see how much this misstep cost him. How do you keep toll authorities from making it “E-Z” to overcharge you, and how can we help Woessner appeal the charges

Another happy consumer — thanks to our research team

A law firm is using Anne Parr’s home address as its business address in the Real Yellow Pages. But she can’t reach anyone at YP to get the listing changed. Can our advocates help connect her to someone at YP who can correct the listing

We can’t help you if you won’t help us

Virgilio Machado and his wife planned to fly from Dallas to Philadelphia on American Airlines, but Machado claims he was ordered to leave the plane, threatened by a pilot, and then allowed to reboard the flight. The post We can’t help you if you won’t help us appeared first on Elliott

How to never miss your flight

I recently was inspired by my wife (who often inspires me). Unfortunately, this inspiration took place during a frantic phone call as she was stuck on the highway, 20 minutes before her plane’s scheduled departure. This flight was the only one that would have enabled her to make it in time for a..

A canceled cruise to Cuba cost this couple hundreds of dollars

A cruise to Cuba is a dream for many people, but there are specific rules that a company must follow and a special certification it needs to run a cruise. The post A canceled cruise to Cuba cost this couple hundreds of dollars appeared first on Elliott

Orkin says there were no bedbugs in our room — so what bit us?

When George Paddock’s wife woke up in their hotel room with small red welts on her legs, they immediately thought the worst — bedbugs! But, when they reported their concerns to the hotel staff, the room was inspected by Orkin Pest Control and no bedbugs were found. So why is Paddock now asking for..

The best consumer-friendly travel regulations you’ve never heard of

If you’re an experienced traveler, maybe you know about the Department of Transportation’s 24-hour rule for airline ticket purchases, or EU 261, the European consumer protection regulation for air travelers, or the Fair Credit Billing Act. The post The best consumer-friendly travel regulations..

Stranded in Mexico City! Who is responsible?

Laurie Mankin and her husband have tickets on American Airlines to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A travel delay and a resulting transfer to a different arline leaves them stranded in Mexico City

Prisoners of Geography

Prisoners of Geography is subtitled ‘Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics’ although Tim Marshall’s book is in fact rather more than maps and geography and there are rather more than 10 maps. Never mind it’s a handy summary of the situation of the world today, the history may stretch back, but it’s really the contemporary situation Mr Marshall is looking at ‘geopolitics’ is indeed what it’s all about. If you want to understand the Russian obsession with Crimea, why so much of the Middle East is a mess, why the USA is a superpower (nothing to do with Trump), why so much world attention is heading north to the Arctic, there are certainly lots of suggestions, if not firm conclusions here.

Why won’t Hawaiian Airlines let me fly with my service dog?

Joshua Feldman claims that his four-pound Chihuahua, Tiki, is a “service dog.” But on a recent attempt to board a Hawaiian Airlines flight, the gate agent claimed that Tiki is an “emotional support animal.” Who is right? There’s an important distinction between the two types of animals – and it…