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If you’re a regular reader of this site, you probably think you know a lot about the advocacy work we do here every day.

The airline said it was a weather delay. This passenger thought otherwise.

Deborah Freedline’s flight was diverted to Pittsburgh because of bad weather at her original destination, New York City’s LaGuardia Airport. Pittsburgh’s a great city, but not where she’d planned to spend the night. The airline said it was due to a weather delay

An injury prevented me from taking my trip, but what is preventing Trip Mate from paying my claim?

Robert Hood and his wife were looking forward to their trip to Madagascar when a sudden injury made it necessary to forego the adventure. Luckily, Hood had purchased a comprehensive travel insurance policy from World Nomads to protect his $9,000 deposit on the trip.

Help, my favorite hotel turned into a Hilton — and it charges hefty resort fees

When Mehmet Ertem’s favorite hotel was reflagged as a Hilton, it promised to be be better than ever. Instead, Ertem found a surprise on his bill — and it was anything but an improvement. The post Help, my favorite hotel turned into a Hilton — and it charges hefty resort fees appeared first..

What are the best luggage valet services for cruise passengers?

Audrey Claxton and her husband are about to depart on a cruise to Hawaii. But like many cruise passengers, they find it a burden to schlep their bags from their home to the ship. The post What are the best luggage valet services for cruise passengers?

My flight was delayed, so I did a chargeback. Was I wrong?

If you have to ask if you were wrong, you already know that the answer is yes. This certainly was the case for Tiara Sampson — or it should have been. Sampson’s story should be a warning to all travelers: Expect, and be prepared for, the worst — including delays on all legs of a trip.

Help! My AT&T bill just increased $50. Is there a fix?

Bridges was one of many people who benefited by buying a bundle from the telecommunications company, which recently acquired DirecTV. It was a great deal, lowering his bill by $50 per month by adding a DirecTV satellite television package onto his existing AT&T phone and Internet service. But…

Did this consumer advocate commit treason?

It’s not every day that a consumer advocate is called a traitor, but in the days leading up to the inauguration of perhaps the most controversial president in U.S. history, that’s exactly what happened

No, Patricia, your complaint is not trivial. Airlines are probably making millions from it

Patricia Barker has a “trivial” complaint about airline pricing that could be netting her carrier millions. A couple of days after getting a quote from Delta Air Lines, the price jumped — and fell again without warning. The post No, Patricia, your complaint is not trivial.

This help request went nowhere, thanks to the sarcasm

Susan White has requested assistance in getting flights for herself and her husband rebooked from Turkish Airlines to another airline that is not based in a country under a warning from the U.S. State Department

Should travel fees be regulated by the government?

The Forbid Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous (FAIR) Fees Act introduced recently is a subversive new law that raises more questions than it answers. The post Should travel fees be regulated by the government? appeared first on Elliott

The Barbican & Brutalism

Brutalism in Britain is often seen as post-World War II architecture at its worst. A period of heavy, foreboding, grey, often sinister looking buildings, a style at its peak in the ‘60s. No British buildings better symbolize the Brutalist movement than the Barbican Estate.


My recent France and Italy drive continued from Grosseto to Venice. Of course Venice was as beautiful as ever … ▲ Whether you were looking across the lagoon to the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore on the island of San Maggiore at sunset ▲ Or, a little later, directly across the Grand Canal to another church and an iconic one – the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute – as the moon rose.  The church was built as a thank you for Venice avoiding an outbreak of the plague in 1630