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Trump, Shitholes, T-shirts

Like much of humanity I’m disappointed if a day goes by without another incident of the US President Donald Trump opening his mouth and seeing how far he can get his foot into it.

Don’t forget the first step to a refund: Ask for it

When Jefferson Aikin and his wife take a “Wanna Get Away” flight on Southwest, they are bumped from the flight — and given compensation for only one of their airfares. Can our advocates help them do better? The post Don’t forget the first step to a refund: Ask for it appeared first on…

Not the same “old” St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Fla., founded in 1565, is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement within the borders of the continental United States and is a destination for history buffs. But in late November through January it is transformed into a magical destination during the Nights..

An “Uncommon Journey” to a refund

After Cathy Elliott’s repeated attempts to extract her client’s sizeable refund from Uncommon Journeys are rebuffed, she turns to our advocacy team for assistance. Why do we decide to bend our policy and assist this travel agent? The post An “Uncommon Journey” to a refund appeared..

Because of the hurricane, my flight was canceled — twice. Why can’t I get a refund?

When Brenda Alvarez’s flights to Costa Rica are canceled because of Hurricane Irma, she tries to secure a refund from American Airlines but it only offers 10 percent of the original cost of her flights. She wants to know if we can help her get more.

Lonely Planet’s Cities of the World

Lonely Planet’s second Cities Boo k is about to hit the shelves. In the first edition, I came up with Ten Cities that Didn’t Make the Cut. Cities that for an assortment of reasons I found really important, interesting or inspiring, but didn’t feature in the book

I didn’t get the specific seats I reserved, so what is my recourse?

When Rich Winer booked flights for himself and his wife on Lufthansa, he paid an extra $200 to reserve specific seats. Lufthansa confirmed in an email to Winer that he had reserved those seats. The post I didn’t get the specific seats I reserved, so what is my recourse

Xining to Zhangye on the G227 – Day 47 on the Silk Road by MGB

Most of the way across China we’ve followed the ‘highways,’ toll roads where you can cover lots of kms without interruption. About 40km out of Xining heading towards Zhangye the highway ends and we follow the often twisting and turning G227 for most of the day’s 336km drive. ▲ The descent from the Dabanshan tunnel

Why did Google replace my defective phone with a refurbished one?

When Alex Baretta’s Google Pixel went on the blink, the company agreed to replace it with a refurbished mobile phone. Baretta isn’t happy with that resolution: He wants an entirely new phone. But he hasn’t had any luck convincing Google that it should provide him with one.

Three broken washers, a broken pipe and a call to the police — will American Home Shield make this right?

When a tenant in Pamela Johnston’s New Jersey building needed a new washer and dryer, Johnston called American Home Shield, the company that provides the home warranty on the unit. Multiple contractor visits, dozens of hours on hold, three broken appliances, one broken pipe, and one police visit…

British Airways lost my luggage for six days. I deserve full compensation.

Susan Spiewak had the not-uncommon experience of having her delayed baggage fail to follow her properly on a recent trip to the British Isles. Fortunately British Airways did not lose the luggage. It only failed to forward it properly in advance per her itinerary, despite many wasted minutes on the…