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San Francisco One Year Later

A year ago I was in San Francisco when the US election took place and Donald Trump won. I thought I’d done my bit to save the world by having him cursed – by the cursing grannies – in Hong Kong

How to tell if you have a qualified travel agent

Yarisa Smith knows she has a good travel agent. “He’s made cruises and European trips special,” says Smith, a manufacturer’s representative from Dallas. “His itineraries and attention to detail have made every trip flawless.

Why won’t Priceline honor its own price guarantee?

When Beverly Hoff spots a lower price for her hotel, she asks Priceline to honor its “Best Price Guarantee.” But Priceline unexpectedly reverses its credit to Hoff’s account and wins a chargeback months later. Can our advocates persuade Priceline to return the credit to Hoff

For travelers, chatbots and AI can’t quite take you there

Ask any technology expert about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in travel and they’ll breathlessly tell you we’re on the verge of a revolution. The post For travelers, chatbots and AI can’t quite take you there appeared first on Elliott

In North Korea

There’s absolutely no shortage of books about North Korea, I’ve even tackled the subject myself in my book Bad Lands . Donald Trump’s recent forays into the topic, with his less than successful verbal assault on the country’s ‘Rocket Man,’ only focused even more attention on the rogue state. Kim Jong-un definitely won that one by describing Trump as a ‘dotard.’ ◄ Nick Danziger’s wonderful cover photo for In North Korea , how can you lose with goose-stepping-mini shorted-swords-women?

Here’s why you should never report a credit card charge as fraudulent when it isn’t

Philip Paul comes down with a serious case of buyer’s remorse after he signs a contract with the Palladium Travel Club. Surprisingly, the company agrees to release him from the deal — which makes Paul’s next move so perplexing. The post Here’s why you should never report a credit card..

Why has my luggage gone missing on Airberlin?

If you’re planning to fly Airberlin any time soon, consider traveling without luggage or shipping it ahead to your final destination. Our advocates and our forum members have been seeing a big uptick in cases involving missing and delayed luggage on Airberlin.

A summer filled with surprises in Budapest

Considered by many to be the Paris of Eastern Europe, and arising from the two ancient crossroads towns of Buda and Pest, Budapest fascinates and delights on a multitude of unexpected levels while being one of Europe’s best values.

I’m still waiting for a refund from

When Mike Foley cancels his resort reservation, promises him a refund. But more than a year later, his $1,400 is still missing. The post I’m still waiting for a refund from appeared first on Elliott

This bill makes it unlawful to remove passengers from planes. But that’s not enough.

Here we go again. Congress is trying to pass yet another Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill, a rare opportunity to help airline passengers by enacting meaningful consumer protections. The post This bill makes it unlawful to remove passengers from planes.

This new hotel design concept blurs lines between work and play

As you walk into the 4290 Bistro at the Crowne Plaza Palo Alto, in California’s Silicon Valley, you’ll see a plaque commemorating the property’s place in technology history. It was here that Internet pioneers Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn developed the TCP specification in 1973.

Two broken Heys bags, one broken promise

Both of Carlos DeLeon’s bags are broken, but Heys won’t fix them even though they’re under warranty. Why not? The post Two broken Heys bags, one broken promise appeared first on Elliott

Curiosities & General Strange & Weird Stuff in China

▲ We had a wonderfully loud and raucous restaurant evening in the village of Duoyishu, in the rice terrace area of Yuanyang. The Chinese group at the next table were ripping in to the alcohol, toasting us, generally getting more and more in to the party spirit, culminating with singing including this one exuberant woman who performed an energetic song and dance routine to loud applause, including from our tables. ◄ At our hotel in Lupoing you were confronted by these scales as you entered the restaurant for breakfast

Fistfights and riots open latest chapter in airline service drama

Spirit Airlines has one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of any airline. And, as of this morning, it also has the highest number of canceled flights — more than 300 since the beginning of May as the result of a labor dispute with and lawsuit against the Air Line Pilots Association…

How to travel light — really light

It’s one thing to preach about the virtues of traveling light. It’s quite another to practice them. The post How to travel light — really light appeared first on Elliott.