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Girard Nissan sold me a lemon and won’t honor my warranty

Brian Livings purchases a used car from Girard Nissan in Connecticut and within several days the vehicle becomes inoperable. Livings gets the car repaired per the dealership’s approval but now can’t get reimbursed. Can our advocates help sweeten the taste of the lemon he just bought?

Avoid SSSS on Your Boarding Pass

A recent story underlined why it’s not nice to have SSSS stamped on your boarding pass in the USA. It means you’ve been lined up for Secondary Security Screening Selection and getting shuffled into ‘Secondary’ in the US is often not a pleasant procedure. At the very least it can be a real time-waster although when I shuffled through my travel notes I discovered I did get those four Ss on a boarding pass once.

Olympic thrills, and a few chills, on a summer Puget Sound adventure

Washington State’s Puget Sound area is famous for its moderate climate and postcard-perfect views of the Olympic mountain range. You’ve probably seen those gorgeous images of kayaks in the bay, a whale splashing in the distance, and, behind it all, snow-capped mountains.

Silk Road by MGB – Days 76 to 84 in Iran

I’m now in Turkey on Day 88 of my Silk Road with an old British sports car journey and I’ve just posted on how friendly the Iranians were on my trip across that intriguing country, with my daughter Tashi often at the wheel. ◄ And shopping for bread when we stopped in the small town of Bojnurd.

Is it safe to travel abroad in the Donald Trump era?

Heather Gorawski says she never lied about her nationality when she visited Nicaragua recently. But she didn’t go out of her way to reveal she was American, either. The post Is it safe to travel abroad in the Donald Trump era?

My travel agent charged my card for someone else’s cruise

Rachel Broughten booked a cruise on Royal Caribbean, but the cruise line incorrectly charged her credit card for an extra payment — because her travel agent gave the line the wrong credit card number. The post My travel agent charged my card for someone else’s cruise appeared first on..

I struck out with Amtrak’s Empire Builder

A lack of handicapped facilities on Amtrak makes Anne Evans’ journey through the American West a nightmare. Is she entitled to a refund? The post I struck out with Amtrak’s Empire Builder appeared first on Elliott.

Why everyone benefits from company transparency

When our research team saw the email from Costco, we wondered whether we were inhabiting an alternate reality — and why it isn’t the norm. Not only did Costco notify us of a personnel change that required a contact update, but it supplied us with the correct information for the new contact,…

Is E-Z Rent-A-Car falsifying this damage claim? Should we do something about it?

When Brett Harris returned his rental car intact to E-Z Rent-A-Car in Portland, Ore., he had no idea that three weeks later he would be threatened with legal action for damage to the vehicle. The only problem: The date on the report showed that the damage happened after he had already returned…

What is Publication 119 and why should I care about it?

When Dan Presser bought a NordicTrack treadmill for home workouts recently, he wanted to make sure it would work. So he agreed to pay for an optional insurance policy from the company to cover the equipment. Little did he know it wasn’t the only “upsell” NordicTrack would pull that day.

Does penalizing airlines for customer service infractions do any good?

The Department of Transportation fined airlines $4.5 million and issued 23 consent orders in 2016. But it isn’t clear whether these actions are benefitting the passengers they’re supposed to protect. Industry watchers say the numbers don’t tell the full story — something you already know if you’ve…