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Why would I need a U.K. driver’s license to rent a car in Florida?

When Keith Montgomery went to pick up his rental car in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., he had his driver’s license handy. But the rental car facility refused to rent him the car for which he’d prepaid, and forced him to pay for a new rental car. That’s because Montgomery is a dual U.S.-U.K

VPNs, Website Blocks & ‘Climbing the Wall’

Oh you’re ‘climbing the wall’ – fan qiang – the Chinese journalist commented. I was indeed, I was using a VPN – Virtual Private Network – to ‘climb over the Great Firewall of China.’ China is the most notorious of the countries in the world which spend a great deal of time and energy preventing their citizens from seeing things they shouldn’t on the internet.

Persistence pays off for this Aer Lingus delay

One delay of Nora Rousso’s Aer Lingus flight from Paris to Dublin leads to another, and now her return flight is delayed an entire day. Is she entitled to any compensation? The post Persistence pays off for this Aer Lingus delay appeared first on Elliott.

The TSA’s new pat-downs get too personal for some

When Barbara Leary went through the full-body scanner at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport recently, her hip replacements set off the alarm. She was directed to another line, where she underwent a physical search by a Transportation Security Administration agent. The post The TSA’s new pat-downs…

In the Age of Laissez Faire regulation, the ground is shifting under consumers. Here’s what it means.

If the recent news from Washington isn’t a little unsettling, maybe you should look again. A new administration has brought some unconventional thinking to the Oval Office, and the repercussions could be felt for years by American consumers. The post In the Age of Laissez Faire regulation, the…

Another lost honeymoon. Who is to blame here?

Jason Clements and his new wife planned the perfect honeymoon in Ireland, including tickets from Phoenix to Dublin via Philadelphia on American Airlines and British Airways, purchased through the online travel site CheapOair (a brand of Fareportal). They even purchased trip protection insurance….

A trip in vain that ends with an unpleasant surprise

When Paul Whittall plans a trip for his son on American Airlines, he is disappointed when it becomes a trip in vain. A canceled connection with no available flights leaves only one option — to return home. American offers a voucher — but that is not enough.

No, Grammy, don’t click on that link!

While many of us are technologically savvy and can instantly recognize an email or internet scam, there is a vulnerable population that can’t. The post No, Grammy, don’t click on that link! appeared first on Elliott.

My hotel is being used as Section 8 temporary housing. I demand a refund!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Maria Telegdy’s photos from her recent stay at a Relax Inn would make for a disturbing novel. Since we don’t have space for a novel here, we’ll just have to summarize her case and share the images with you. The post My hotel is being used as Section 8..

I just want a refund for my flight. Can you do that, Spirit?

When James Shapiro’s flight is delayed and then canceled, Spirit emails him an offer of a free replacement ticket — but doesn’t follow through on its promise. Can our advocates shake loose from Spirit a refund for Shapiro’s substitute flight? The post I just want a refund for my flight