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Dante would love these Colorado ski resorts and so will your kids

Purgatory sounds like a scary anecdote from Mrs. Olson’s Sunday School class. As in, “If you sin, you will end up skiing the slopes of Purgatory for all eternity.” That wouldn’t be such a bad thing, come to think of it

What kind of “ticket protection” is this, anyway?

When Vance Luke bought an airline ticket for his daughter, he added optional “Ticket Protection” through International Travel Network (ITN). So when his daughter was hospitalized just before her trip, he expected that she would get a full refund for the cost of the ticket. The post What kind of..

Journey – An Illustrated History of Travel

Journey – An Illustrated History of Travel from Dorling Kindersley bills itself as ‘a must for every armchair traveller’ although it probably needs a warning that you’re going to need a big armchair. It is a substantial tome.

Here’s why showing up at the gate just 15 minutes before takeoff is a bad idea

When Stephen Oualline and his daughter arrived at the gate in Kona, Hawaii, for their Alaska Airlines trip San Diego, they were told that the plane had already departed. After a rebooking and an unplanned overnight in Oakland, Calif., Oualline wanted the airline to reimburse him for the money he…

She’s waiting to bake Christmas cookies. So where’s her mixer, JCPenney?

On Black Friday, Carol Broaddus sees a fabulous online deal for a shiny black KitchenAid mixer. With visions of all the tasty Christmas cookies she can create with this new machine, she quickly orders it. But now just days before the holiday, why aren’t there any confections being made

An unexpected health crisis leads to a lost honeymoon. Can we help?

Larry Bonistalli is a determined father. When his son’s fiancée suffers a sudden stroke right before their wedding and honeymoon, Bonistalli resolves to retrieve the money that the couple spent on the uninsured trip. Can we help him with this quest

Why did Sun Country charge me to fix its agent’s mistake?

Susan Morin books a trip to Las Vegas through Sun Country Vacations for herself and her husband, but the agent has them departing on the wrong day. Can we help her get reimbursement for the ticket change fees

Expedia never confirmed my ticket and I had to buy a new one for six times the price

When Anne Maertz receives emails from Expedia indicating that her upcoming flight on Norwegian Airlines is “booked and confirmed,” she takes the online travel agency at its word. But when she arrives at the airport, Norwegian claims that she doesn’t have a ticket. Can our advocates help her get a…

I don’t want to go to England anymore. Can I skip that flight?

Jack Buckley books a trip to Ireland and the U.K, but his anticipation fades after terrorists attack England. Now he wants to know if he can just skip the London side trip on his Aer Lingus ticket. The post I don’t want to go to England anymore

How to Land a Plane

In Skyfaring – his 2015 best seller on the mystery and magic of flight – BA 747 pilot Mark Vanhoenacker told how he did it. Now in this 64-page addition to the Quercus series of ‘how to do it’ books he tells us how to do it ourselves

“People’s money disappears into black holes”

When Kamuran Alpural returned his broken refrigerator to Sears, the company promised him a refund of $1,000. Sears provided him with a transaction confirmation indicating that the refund had been issued to his account at Commerce Bank

There were larvae in my room. Shouldn’t refund me?

When Stephanie Slovon discovers that her hotel room is infested with insects, she immediately checks out, but is stung by’s refusal to issue her a refund. Can some buzz from our advocates in’s ear produce some compensation for Slovon

Why travel insurance can save the day

When Katie Kubitskey made plans to attend a friend’s destination wedding in Izmir, Turkey, last summer, she never imagined she’d need travel insurance. The post Why travel insurance can save the day appeared first on Elliott.

No, all business class seats are not created equal

Martha Mayakis booked business class seats on Norwegian Air Shuttle, through Travelocity. After she booked and paid, she researched the airline’s seats. She was disappointed when she discovered that Norwegian Air Shuttle business class seats are just slightly larger than its economy class..

Xian in China – cycling the city wall

◄ It may not be totally original, like the Pingyao City Walls, but the City Walls of Xian stretch for 14km and you can rent bicycles and ride a circuit. They cost 200 RMB (about US$30) refundable deposit and 45 RMB (about US$6.50) for two hours         ◄ The walls are very impressive, but apart from the corner towers and ramparts there’s a lot to see below the city walls whether it’s temples, historic buildings or simply the Xian city life. I even spotted a couple of apartments which I thought might be interesting places to live and there are lots of restaurants, cafes and bars to spy on.

Beware of “free” offers from DirecTV

DirecTV promises Glenn Brasch a “free” baseball package. Then it charges him, and when he tries to cancel, it hits him with an early termination fee

This isn’t how we operate

There are things we won’t do. Unfortunately, from time to time disappointed consumers contact us asking us to use our platform — and our clout — to do these things. When that happens, our answer is a polite “no.” The post This isn’t how we operate appeared first on Elliott

32 Days along the Silk Road by MGB – On the Road – Part 1

Of course a lot of our Silk Road travel – and we don’t even really start on the Silk Road until we get to Xian – is actually on the road. Part 1 of some ‘on the road’ shots. The trip has featured in an Australian Financial Review article

No one else on my flight was charged a change fee! Why me?

Koren Perry wants to know why Southwest Airlines is charging her a fee to change her flight from Las Vegas to San Diego when it’s not charging anyone else on her flight to do so. Can our advocates unearth the answer — or fair treatment from Southwest — for Perry?